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Capvest Financial  is an independent, fee-only financial life planning and investment advisory firm located in Henrietta, NY. We provide comprehensive, fee-only services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Our services are available on a one-time, as needed, or on-going basis.

Capvest Financial believes that everyone – regardless of their individual income level or organizational size – can benefit from sound, objective financial advice and planning. In order to reach your financial life goals, it is important for you to make a commitment to your personal and business finances. To help you make this commitment, we will serve as your financial “coach”, ensuring that you have a plan to achieve your specific goals and that the plan is implemented and monitored. We firmly believe that working proactively with you will greatly improve your chances of making your financial life goals reality.

About the Principal

C. Jay Cappon, CFS, CMFC, CRPC, CRPS, AAMS, AWMA, is the Founder and President of Capvest Financial Group. Jay has been in the financial services industry since 1987. As an independent (no-commission) practitioner, Jay gives you service that is highly objective, personalized, responsive, and affordable. He is committed to a long-term professional relationship with you…a valued client.


  • Vice-President and Co-Founder, John Anthony Management, Inc., 1987-1992.
  • Senior Associate, Accuvest Planning, Inc., 1992-1993.
  • President, Cappon Associates, 1993-1999.
  • President, Capvest Financial, 1999-Present.

Financial Affiliations

  • Financial Planning Association
  • American Association of Individual Investors
  • Henrietta Chamber of Commerce

Financial Designations

  • Institute for Business and Finance. CFS (Certified Funds Specialist)
  • College for Financial Planning
  • CMFC (Chartered Mutual Funds Counselor)
  • CRPC (Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor)
  • CRPS (Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist)
  • AAMS (Accredited Asset Management Specialist)
  • AWMA (Accredited Wealth Management Advisor)


  • New York State Life Insurance Consultant

Why Choose Us?

We Are Fee-Only and Independent.  We have no affiliation – or conflict of interest – with any financial institution, brokerage firm, wholesaler or insurance company.

We Provide Only No-Load (No-Commission) Financial Products.  These products are from reputable financial services companies who consistently deliver quality investment management and shareholder services.

Our Services fees Are Affordable. Many financial firms and advisors offer “no-fee” or “free” financial planning. In reality, they actually are compensated for such advice by commissions from the products they “sell” for your plan. Our only compensation comes directly from our clients.

Our Services Are Diverse, Flexible, Personalized and Responsive. Your financial plan, whether simple or complex, is customized to fit your specific objectives and financial situation. It is flexible in order to be modified as your financial situation and lifestyle change. We work directly with you as a financial “coach”. We are committed to returning your phone and email correspondence as quickly as possible. We focus on being your long-term, trusted financial advisor.

We Listen, Understand, and Stay In Touch. We do not give you quick answers or rush you into a plan that has financial products that are “hot” or “trendy”. We seek to fully understand your unique financial situation and objectives. Only then do we design and implement a financial plan that will help you reach your objectives. Once your plan is implemented, we are committed to frequent personal communication with you and to the continuous monitoring of your plan’s performance and suitability.

Client Education is Important to Us. As our client, you are provided with several resources -seminars, courses, our quarterly newsletter, our website- that keep you informed about your financial plan and the products that are in it. We take the time to carefully explain the basics of your plan so that you are comfortable with it and can make better financial decisions.

Our Investment Philosophy

The following concepts are the cornerstone of our approach to investing:

No-Load Investment Vehicles

We believe that consistently well-managed no-load mutual funds from reputable investment companies offer the best value for a successful investment portfolio over time. In addition, carefully selected no-load stocks can serve as a useful supplement to such a portfolio.

Diversified, Strategic Asset Allocation

We do not believe in the concept and practice market timing. Instead, we believe in maintaining a diversified portfolio consisting of a defined mix of stock, bond, and money market funds. This portfolio is strategically allocated according to the client’s time horizon and risk tolerance. Such an allocation is revised only in response to changes in: client objectives, time horizon of the objectives, risk tolerance, and any significant longer-term economic / market activity. The portfolio is also rebalanced to the original strategic allocation within defined percentages, while minimizing the influence of taxes and transaction costs.

On-Going Portfolio Monitoring

We firmly believe in a regular review of a client’s financial situation and investments to determine if they are contributing to progress in the direction of achieving their financial goals. This is accomplished by an annual review of the client’s portfolio on an annual basis, along with quarterly performance evaluations. This ensures that the client remains “on course” and does so with a minimum amount of emotional stress.

Products and Services

Capvest Financial exclusively offers the following no-load financial products: Mutual Funds, Annuities, Life Insurance, Charitable Giving, and Stocks.

Capvest Financial offers the following services: Wealth Accumulation / Capital Preservation Portfolios, Life Insurance Consultation, Retirement Planning, Education Funding, Charitable Giving and Asset Management.

Specialty Services

Socially Responsible Portfolios (SRP) offers comprehensive, fee-only financial planning services to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations whose financial objectives, products, and services involve socially responsible goals, values, and services. Investment products used –mutual funds, annuities, charitable giving funds- use strict social, environmental, and –where applicable- religious screening methods to select the appropriate stock and bond investments.

Sector Fund Portfolios (SFP) offers fee-only investment planning services to investors whose major investment goal is long-term capital growth with above-average risk tolerance. The investment products offered in this program are no-load sector mutual funds. SFP has two general sector fund portfolios:

  • Pure Sector. This portfolio consists entirely of sector funds. It is appropriate for more aggressive long-term growth accounts such as traditional and Roth IRAs.
  • Core Sector. This portfolio consists of three to five sector funds along with lower-risk stock, bond, and money market funds. It is appropriate for more moderate-risk long-term growth accounts.

Business Retirement Planning (BRP) offers fee-only retirement planning services to self-employed individuals, small-to-medium size businesses, and non-profit organizations. The services include:

  • Retirement plan design / implementation. For individuals and organizations without a current retirement plan. Plans available: SEP, SIMPLE, Keogh, 403b, 401k (traditional, safe-harbor, individual, Roth).
  • Retirement plan evaluation / consultation.  For organizations with a current retirement plan that need evaluation of plan features and on-going monitoring of plan investment options.
  • Payroll investment plans. IRA and college savings (529 / Coverdell) plans made available to employees through payroll deduction.
  • Financial education. On-site seminars and short courses covering selected financial life planning topics.
  • Personal financial life planning. The individual financial life planning services of Capvest Financial are offered at a discount fee schedule to participants in retirement plans implemented and / or advised by Capvest Financial.

Financial Education Services (FES) offers financial life planning education seminars and short courses to individuals, civic groups, businesses, and non-profit organizations, and publishes newsletters and investment guides. The seminars and courses are designed to provide current and practical financial information and empower the participants to make better financial decisions. They are strictly generic in nature and no specific investment advice is given. Here is a sample list of our seminars:

  • Selecting the Right Retirement Plan Distribution Option When Leaving Your Job.
  • Investing in Stocks Without Using a Broker.
  • Life Insurance Basics: Determining Your Need and Selecting the Right Policy.
  • Tax-Deferred Annuities: How They Can Enhance Your Retirement Planning.
  • Your Company Retirement Plan: Getting to Know its Key Features and Investment Options.
  • College Funding: Which Investment Options Are Best for You?
  • Selecting the Right Retirement Plan for Your Small Business and Non-Profit Organization.

The Stock Direct program is intended for clients who have considerable mutual fund investments and wish to further diversify the equity portion of their portfolio with stocks that can be purchased directly from individual companies with out using a broker, thereby saving on commissions.

Your initial investment will automatically enroll you in the company’s direct stock purchase plan (DPP) and / or dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP). These plans allow reinvestment of dividends and additional share purchases, and have very affordable initial and subsequent investment minimums. You can also open an IRA. Our philosophy with this program is to assist you in building a diversified portfolio of quality stocks intended for long-term investment objectives.

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The first step to becoming a client is to meet with me. Submit your request for information. I look forward to speaking with you and learning about your financial life goals. There is no obligation. It is a way to find out how I may assist you.

C. Jay Cappon, President
Financial Advisor / Investment Manager

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